Gather & Make Plant-Based Projects by Genevieve Layman

///Gather & Make Plant-Based Projects by Genevieve Layman
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Gather & Make Plant-Based Projects by Genevieve Layman


Gather & Make Plant-Based Projects by Genevieve Layman

Gather & Make is an award winning, newly published, one-of-a-kind book. The book provides step-by-step instructions for activites that encourage lively engagement with plants. Three easy-to-create, affordable activites are featured for every month of the year. Each activity in Gather & Make is carefull selected to harmonize with the rhythms of the season in a way that connects plants and nature around us. Gather & Make offers useful tipsd for planting and maintaining all the plants featured in the book, including useful gardening guidelines and techniques.

Genevieve is a Horticulture Therapist in Portland, OR.  I believe you will love experiencing this book.

Product Description

Gather & Make Plant-Based Projects

Gather &  Make: Plant-Based Projects Through the Seasons by Genevieve Layman is a gorgeous art- and nature-fueled extravaganza. Layman begins the book by detailing her relationship with plants and animals, and how her curiosity toward these subjects has evolved organically as she has grown. Regardless of one’s age, interest, or artistic skill level, Layman says, there exists a craft or a project that is suitable for each and every one of us. The book is sectioned by month, providing three projects that are best suited to showcase the plants and found objects that are available during that season. Layman designates the difficulty of her crafts by one of three different evels – easy to complete, moderately easy, and somewhat difficult – though, in truth, her diretions are clear enough such that none of the projects comes across as too unapproachable for a crafting novice. –Red City Review


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