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Harmony Generator 4″, Standard fixed

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Harmony Generator

This Standard Harmony Generator has a sphere of influence of 8-10 miles.  This sphere of influence is the same for the person who does not know who they are, who does not know they are a powerful multidimensional creator, yet when a person who stands in their Being-ness holds the sphere, they are projecting the frequency and vibration of love fully into the larger sphere of influence around them, amplifying and synergizing with the Harmony Sphere. A personal favorite for the home or office.


  • Healing and Clearing
  • Helps release programs and beliefs.
  • Works well w/ sound healing.
  • Connects with the Soul and Soul’s aspects.
  • Raises Vibration.

In stock


Harmony Generator 

The harmony generator helps one become a Beacon of Infinite Love, Balance and Harmony.

This sphere emits a pulsing of energy, the energy of love- the frequency and vibration of Love.  It is an amplifier, a reminder, of the vibration of Love

What else do you need? Love is the foundation.

….this is still a Tensor Field Generator, so it will do all that the traditional Generators do, but with a different essence and flavor.

The Harmony Generators have a strong connection with whomever connects to them. They will go to work immediately on a person or their environment, bringing all into Balance and Harmony.

For instance, you can carry a sphere into a “bad” part of town, and it will balance out the perceived dark and light energies then raise them both up in frequency. This is only one of the perceived ways they are working for the Highest and Greatest Good of All.

In the photo I am holding the fixed generator.  Find out more about the collapsible harmony generator.


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