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Tensor Technologies~ “Raising vibrations across the Globe. Creating high consciousness tools through twisted crystalline copper and sacred measures. Intended for personal and environmental healing, clearing, releasing, as well as spiritual transformation, connectivity and growth.” ~Brian Besco

The relationships between our environment, how we impact that environment, and how it affects our health and well being is interwoven with scientific discovery and combined with the power of the human mind, body, and spirit. We advocate strengthening our physical and energetic bodies and include faith to help lead us all to reach amazing, positive, life enhancing results. ~Light Life Tools (available in store only)

We believe the tensor technology tools presented here offer a positive influence to counter the overwhelming negative energies generated by outside forces today. They’ve been believed to:

Improve health~Reduce stress~Increase well-being in general~Reduce the necessity for chemicals in the home~Help to clean up the environment

Please use this site as a window to discovery and join us in being pro-active within life’s grand experiment.