Matrix 22 Light-Life® Harmonizer, copper, silver plated

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Matrix 22 Light-Life® Harmonizer, copper, silver plated

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Matrix 22 Harmonizer – only one in stock

This Harmonizer’s energetic pattern is like outward flowing ocean waves, and current studies strongly suggest that its frequencies enhance the subtle energy bodies of all living things. It measures about 4” H x 4 ½” W.

What we have been shown is that it affects the earth as well as the sky and creates a beautiful multi-leveled matrix of spectrum light around wherever it is located. It seems to pull in the same type of energy as the Great Pyramids. It seems to have the ability to rejuvenate, replenish, and renew as it moves its energy in both directions creating a matrix of light.

This silver Matrix 22 Harmonizer may be used to remedy high levels of radiation.

This Harmonizer comes with our Environmental Clearing CD, the Kings Chamber CD, and a  Light-Life® Ring with three beads. You may alternate between the Environmental Clearing CD and the Kings Chamber CD, however, when you are placing it in areas of high radiation or EMF we recommend only to play the Environmental Clearing CD. Place the Harmonizer in the Light-Life® Ring in order to shut down its range of influence and/or for clearing it.

In stock

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Matrix 22 Harmonizer

This Double Harmonizer consists of a Sacred Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer on the inside and a Lost Cubit Agricultural Harmonizer on the outside. This Harmonizer is exactly half the size of the Cosmic Washtub. It contains 1/2 Lost Cubit and 1/2 Sacred Cubit Harmonizers. When used in combination this double Harmonizer seems to have an even more powerful effect on negating environmental pollution.

As you may have seen in our other silver tools, the silver alloy seems to be better at combating the negative effects of EMFs and in this case, it is said to combat the harmful effects of radiation. As with all of our tools, the results are different for everyone, but this can be an extremely useful tool in heavily polluted areas.

Not only does the environment get supercharged by this Harmonizer’s powerful and positive energy, but it can have a beautiful effect on your health and happiness. Many in our community call this the “protection tool”. Do you have negative energy in your life or feel like you are experiencing a lot of chaos at work? Try incorporating the Matrix 22 into your office


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