Pitango Amethyst Garnet Lotus in Copper, size 10

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Pitango Amethyst Garnet Lotus in Copper, size 10


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Pitango Amethyst Garnet Lotus in Copper

Activate and Amplify this Pitango amethyst garnet lotus with the energies of pure intentions from your heart.  Then enjoy the conducting properties of copper graced by the paisley pattern.

Pitango sees his rings and jewelry as tools of healing. In the Lotus Flower we find the embrace and unconditional love of the mother to grow stronger in the process of life.

He mounts each stone and amulet in pure solid silver, copper and gold bases, each crafted by hand and one of a kind.  The chosen metals represent distinct qualities; copper for purity and humbleness, gold for pure love, and silver as the Spirit metal.  When you wear a Pitango ring you feel the immensity of the Universe.  You may feel proteted and loved.  You may feel power and confidence.  These rings are the magical medicine that connects you with the true essence of life and the very special tools to get to our primordial state in life: happiness.

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Pitango amethyst Garnet Lotus in Copper is in size 10 and 1 inch in diameter.

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