Incense Powered Meditation Timer

  • With this Meditation Timer enjoy your meditation without worrying about timing. Let your favorite incense be your guide to ring the Tibetan Singing Bowl.

Incense Powered Meditation Timer


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Incense powered Meditation Timer

On this Meditation Timer the striker and striker stand is crafted from myrtle wood while the platform is crafted from Japanese plum wood.  There is a special compartment underneath the striker stand where incense, crystals or other items may be stored.  Michael has also incorporated a brass plunger underneath the incense opening so that the hole may be cleared and prepared for the next meditation.

In stock

Product Description

Incense powered meditation timer

This unique Incense powered meditation timer creates a gentle way to come back to the here and now. Fit the loop of the striker over your incense, light it, enjoy the aroma during meditation and the sound of a nice Tibetan Singing bowl at the end of meditation.  You can control the length of your practice by the length of incense chosen.  Designed by David Wilmore and carved by Michael Lanning~


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