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These novels will shine a light on self empowerment, choices, and the potential to change your life.

Every reader will arrive at their own destination with insights from these self help guides.

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Light in the Shadows ~ Nora never imagined she’d seek answers from the energy detectives until a dream kidnapped her comfortable days.

“This novel introduces readers to the power and joy of getting answers and a new perspective using energy.” TS

Ignite Changes Using Energy ~ Letting go of Old Thinking and tapping into the mystical, magical feeling of Quantum Thinking.

I’m truly amazed! Step-by-step, you make creating new realities irresistibly attractive. It’s powerful stuff.” Linda McClellan, Editor

Exciting, Interesting, and Fun. Healing, Beautiful and Helpful” Sherylann

Spirit Unbroken: Abby’s Story ~ A stunning story of resilient spirit.

Sandy Bacon, a therapist, said… “I have never read a better description of dissociated memory. Dry, academic explanations of this condition are unable to touch the complex, nostalgic, and deeply moving way this author has been able to take the reader directly into the depths of this state of mind.

The wonder of this book is not is just showing the reader how it happens: Jeanne McElvaney has a wealth of research woven through the story as well as personal experience. It’s a resource as much as it is a novel.”

5-Star review and finalist in Readers Favorite Awards – Women’s Fiction

Time Slipping ~ If you’ve ever imagined getting away to find yourself, this novel’s for you.

Time Slipping takes you to the place you’ve always wanted to go: to the quiet place inside you that knows exactly who you are, what you want, and how to find the courage to go for it.”   Morgan Fraser, author

Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers ~ You have the answers. This tale reminds you to listen.

As I read Old Maggie’s Spirit Whispers, I continued to feel absolute permission to engage my spirit, and to remember to call upon my wounds to heal and grow. Every sentence spoke to me. It’s a book I will keep by my side for many years.” Pamela Stoyka Bishop, WebTechTherapy

Harrietta’s Happenstance ~ We’ve all faced moments when it seemed there was no good choices.

This novel reminds us the courage to take the first step will often lead us to our potential and personal empowerment.

Personal Development Insights ~ Energy holds your possibilities and self empowerment in patterns of intelligence.

This self help guide explores your potential, choices, and self empowerment in this force field.

Childhood Abuse ~ A guide of insightful, gentle choices for survivors.

“May there always be a wolf howling for every child who cannot scream.” YSA

Healing Insights ~ Empowering, positive guide for survivors of abuse.

With self awareness, you can transform you life with new choices.

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Childhood Abuse, Harrietta's Happenstance, Healing Insights, Old Maggie's Spirit Whispers, Personal Development Insights, Spirit Unbroken, Time Slipping


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