Light in the Shadows, Jeanne McElvaney

///Light in the Shadows, Jeanne McElvaney
  • light in the shadows

Light in the Shadows, Jeanne McElvaney


Light in the Shadows by Jeanne McElvaney

This novel will take you on a journey that taps into information held in the invisible quantum energy field.

New perspectives thrive here.

Sometimes answers take unexpected turns.

They always intrigue and pull us into a dimension often left unexplored.

Product Description

“Opens the reader to transforming their feelings and thoughts in a new dimension.” MPS

“Beautifully engaging. Starts off as a page-turner and gains momentum.” LM

“Very softy and casually unlocks a lot about yourself. Hard to put down.” JM

“There is no one more grounded, thought-challenging, or up-lifting this this author.” DH


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