Light Stream Flower of Life Rose Quartz w/ Amethyst w/ Pleiades & Pyramid programs Silver

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Light Stream Flower of Life Rose Quartz w/ Amethyst w/ Pleiades & Pyramid programs Silver


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Allow approx 6 wks lead time for this custom pendant.

Allow approx 6 wks lead time for this Spirals sells the complete line of sacred quantum Pendants.

Designed by David Sereda, the quantum pendants are designed by a jeweler then infused with proprietary Quantum Energy Vibration Technology chambers. These chambers infuse the frequencies of Tachyon energy (faster than light energies), The Sacred Tree of Life, the actual NASA frequency of the Sound of the Sun, sacred geometrics and chambers that activate harmonic fields of energy in the pendant.
The human body sends signals of energy in the form of negative and positive ions from the brain through the nervous systems to our organs and our muscles and 5 senses. Our body is an electrical system. Our electrical charge and distribution of energy can get weakened for various reasons, which can cause a decline in our strength, balance and health.
Hundreds of people have been scientifically tested for body voltage. Consistently, the data shows persons with health issues or low energy have low voltage. Wearing the stone pendant increases body voltage to much more holistic levels. The Source pendant multiplies energy, on average, by a factor of 2 to 5 but can go as high as 10 times depending on a persons base line. Levels above Source, pendants wrapped with silver and/or gold, raise the body voltage and frequency by a factor of 3 to 12 times, depending on the persons base line.

To see further information about these pendants please see this catalog by David Sereda. (prices are outdated, but info is good)

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Available on backorder



The Flower of Life Rose Quartz design features a faceted  Amethyst in the center of the Sun’s rays, which give life to a six pointed flower representing mother. It has intricate silver metalwork.

It provides the message that there is no need for haste in any situation, bringing calmness and clarity to the emotions and restoring the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations.

Rose quartz is especially helpful at the locations of the heart and the crown chakras. The energy is soft and silky, producing a gentleness from whithout and from within the user. It has been known as a “stone of gentle love”, bringing peacefulness and calm to relationships. It promotes receptivity to the beauty of art, music, and the written word, enlivening imagination, and representing a young, warm love.
It can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love.
It provides for balancing of yin-yang energy and can attune each chakra to, and provide each chakra with, the proper frequency of energy vibration.
This mineral is quite effective in the treatment of conditions relating to the emotional body, balancing the love emotions of the upper four chakras – heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras. Rose quartz can act as a rejuvenating agent for both the physical body and the emotions. It is an excellent energy for healing emotional “wounds”.
Actual crystals are very rare, and quite small, usually in small clusters. The rose quartz crystals combine the qualities of rose quartz with all of the qualities of the quartz crystal- truly producing a powerful loving energy. They also instill a permanence to ones loving nature. Placement of the crystal in ones environment, using the energies in a elixir, and wearing and/or carrying the crystal all stimulate the true life force – LOVE.
Melody, Love is in the Earth

Amethyst is a “stone of spirituality and contentment”. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal levels. It is representive of the principles of complete metamorphosis.
It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies and provides a clear connection between the Earth plane and the other worlds. It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body. Amethyst also bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace; the peace being the perfect peace which was present prior to birth.
It is also a “stone of meditation”, being excellent in conducting the energy of calm and peacefulness to help one to both enter and maintain the state. It opens and activates the crown chakra.
Amethyst can be used to protect against psychic attacks; the energy of the attack being transmitted to the universe after its transformation into positive, loving energy.
It is “warm and cuddly” as well as a regal and ruling. It brings one the energies of serenity and composure while inciting fairness in decisions and enhancement in the ability to manage any and all responsibilities.
It enhances cooperation and co-efficiency between ones mental, physical, and emotional bodies, between the physical and spiritual worlds, and during activities of this world.
It provides the “sense” of common sense and encourages flexibility in decisions. It controls temperament by imparting a soothing, calming, and tranquilizing influence, while clearing-away unproductive and unkind vibrations. It is also said to help business affairs to prosper.
It assists in the assimilation of new ideas; by carrying, wearing, or using amethyst, one can remember and apply the myriad of ways which can be used to overcome any crystallized/stationary areas within ones physical form, intellectual activities, emotional attitudes, and state of consciousness.
By directing love to the structure of amethyst, the energy is increased by orders of magnitude and returned to the region in which the amethyst is located.
Consciously holding the amethyst allows one to activate the energy to produce realignment of the energy bodies, while providing for stimulus to rectify dis-association between the aspects of cause and effect.
It further allows for the integration of cause and effect, providing insight into which portion of the actualized self requires remodeling in order to facilitate change toward the ultimate state of perfection.
It has, since historic times, been used to encourage and support sobriety. It is an excellent stone for one who is attempting to find freedom from addictive personalities (oneself, or another).
It is also useful in the situation of debating, affording advantage to the holder of the amethyst; the advantage being attained via spiritual insight coupled with intellectual reasoning.
Amethyst has been used in conjunction with chlorite to expedite and removal of unwanted energy implants from ones physical and auric bodies. The combination, when placed in the energy field of the physical body, provides a connection with universal mind, which, in turn, confers the information with respect to the location of the implant.
It can be used in the treatment of hearing disorders, to both strengthen the skeletal system and reinforce ones posture, and to stimulate both the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine glands to proper and precise performance. It is quite useful in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart stomach, skin, and teeth. It can help cellular disorders to re-adjust and re-align in order to eliminate distressful conditions.
It has been used in the treatment of insomnia and to ameliorate pain from headaches and other disorders; the pain being dissipated completely. It is also useful in stabilizing mental disorders. It has been used, with excellent results, as an elixir in the treatment of arthritis. From “Love is in the Earth” by Melody

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