Lori has followed a delightful path with adventures that always reached out to others to make a difference in their lives. In her bookstore, she offered mind~body~spirit reading when it was still something new. When she opened her used-book store, she also offered healing massage. And now she shares her passion for benefits of reflexology.

For her, the journey with reflexology took root during the 1970’s when she was being treated by a massage therapist, who incorporated this Chinese medicine. Lori was amazed how her feet were connected to every part of her body. Her curiosity was piqued! She wanted to learn more about the body, the body connections, and how it all worked.

She was first certified in massage, but found reflexology was a stronger pull. She craved more knowledge and became certified in this kind of “zone therapy”. Over the years, her passion for reflexology has grown as Lori has seen the proof and experienced it. She loves that it’s non-invasive, safe, and really produces benefits.

Lori met BeverLi and Patti when they came to her bookstore in Wenatchee. Over coffee and a conversation, one of those joyous, natural connections was set in motion. Since then, she has watched Spirals blossom and loves that she is now part of the wonderful, healing, and empowering sessions offered by the facilitators.

Reflexology with Lori