Pitango Copper Tourmaline Ring

///Pitango Copper Tourmaline Ring
  • Pitango copper tourmaline ring

Pitango Copper Tourmaline Ring

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Pitango Copper Tourmaline Ring


Let the symbols on this Pitango Copper Tourmaline Ring speak to you.  Hearts, Feathers, swirls and spirals beneath the finger, they all work together to become your signature piece.  Enjoy!

So many great qualities of Tourmaline.  Here are a few:

  • Relieve stress.
  • Bring insight and help you discover what is good in your life.
  • Keeps things in perspective for you, and it will make you feel grateful for all your blessings.
  • Strength and willpower so that you will take charge of your own life!
  • Provides protection against destructive energies and bad vibrations.
  • Strengthens the Spirit.
  • Inspires creativity and a high level of productivity.
  • Brings positive energies in your life. It will help you deal with your inner chaos.
  • Promote understanding and help you achieve an overall balance in your energy fields.
  • Promote a sense of compassion and humanitarianism in you.
  • Strengthen the nervous system, as well as the blood and the lymph.
  • Offers great relief from migraines and headaches.
  • Enhances your stamina and physical vitality.
  • Can also help with healing skin disorders.

Size 8 1/2


Product Description

Pitango Copper Tourmaline Ring

This Pitango copper tourmaine ring is one of a kind.  The chosen metals represent distinct qualities; copper for purity and humbleness, gold for pure love, and silver as the Spirit metal.  When you wear a Pitango alchemy copper ring you feel the immensity of the Universe.  You may feel protected and loved.  You may feel power and confidence.  These rings are the magical medicine that connects you with the true essence of life and the very special tools to get to our primordial state in life: happiness.

Size 8 1/2



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