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Silk ShimmerZ with Gayle


Silk ShimmerZ

It’s your turn to sparkle! 100% Natural Silk ShimmerZ – sparkling hair strands that create a magical aura – flashes of shifting glitter, illumination and dazzle! These 18 and 36″, silk strands are very thin and light. Once applied, they feel just like your own hair.

Silk ShimmerZ are the one and only Silk Hair ShimmerZ strands that last in your  hair for months. Even as you flat iron, color, blow dry and wash your hair on a regular basis – SilkShimmerZ continue to Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine!

Let Gayle gently apply them to your hair. The cost is $3.00 per tie or 5 for $12.50.  They come in a large array of colors to choose from.  Call Spirals now to schedule a time on Tuesdays afternoons. 509-682-2383. Allow around 20 minutes. You can pay here or at the time  of the service.


Product Description

Silk ShimmerZ

Gayle Holeton discovered Silk ShimmerZ when one of her dance students came back from a training with them in her hair. Not only was her dance joyfully infectious but she lit up the whole room with her inward and outward beauty. Everyone wanted them!  Gayle thought, “I could learn to do that for our community, I am a pianist and a knitter, how hard could it be to tie a tiny knot in a single strand of hair?”  Turned out, quite difficult! But now with 5 years of experience and training from the company owner, she can tie a good knot, some lasting for months.  People ask her if she is in the hair business to which she replies, No, I’m in the Joy business! Even just one tiny silk shimmer will brighten your day and those around you!
The silk comes in 21 colors to be as subtle or wild as your mood dictates. Treat it as part of your own hair doing exactly what you have always done, blow dry, curl, dye (the silk won’t take the dye), etc.  I recommend using a wide toothed comb to keep your Shimmerz longer.


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