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Tuning the Human Biofield, Eileen Day McKusick


Tuning the Human Biofield

“Modern science is finally recognizing that energy constitutes the blueprint of the physical body. Meanwhile, the energetic vibration of sound can be used to change that blueprint in ways that foster health and well-being. Genes literally express themselves in different ways when exposed to specific kinds of sound. Tuning the Human Biofield is a groundbreaking introduction to the art and science of applying these principles. It will take you on an intellectually juicy ride.” Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

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Tuning the Human Biofield

When Eileen McKusick began offering sound therapy in her massage practice she soon discovered she could use tuning forks to locate and hear disturbances in the energy field, or biofield, that surrounded each of her clients.  She found these energetic distrubances correlated with the emotional and physical traumas her clients had experienced throughout their lives, the biofield acting as a record of pain, stress, and trauma from gestation onward.  Passing the forks through these areas in the biofield not only corrected the distorted vibrational sounds she was hearing but also imparted consistent, predictable, and sometimes immediate relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, and a host of other complaints.  Now, nearly 20 years later, McKusick has fully developed her sound healing method, which she calls sound balancing, and created a map of the biofield, revealing the precise locations where specific emotions, memories, ailments, and traumas are stored.

In this book, McKusick explains the complete  practice of sound balancing and provides illustrations of her biofield anatomy maps.  She details how to use tuning forks to find the clear pain and trauma stored in the biofield. She reveals how the traditional principles and locations of the chakras correspond directly with her biofield discoveries. Exploring the science behind sound balancing, she examines scientific research on the nautre of sound and energy and explains how experiences of trauma produce “pathological oscillations” in the biofield, causing a breakdown of order, structure and function in the body.

Offering a revolutionary perspective on mind, energy, memory, and trauma, McKusick’s guide to sound balancing provides new avenues of healing for energy workers, massage therapists, sound healers and those looking to overcome chronic illness and release of traumas of their past.



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