Aura Harmonizers, Set of 7 Mists

Aura Harmonizers, Set of 7 Mists


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The Aura Harmonizes your Spiritual Connection

Aura is life.  It is the energy that animates your physical body.  The auric field exists in 7 different layers sometimes referred to as harmonics because of the color fields they emit.  Each layer of the auric field is a body just as real and alive as the physical body.  Each of the 7 layers is a mini world with its own sense of purpose.

The magic of the auric field is in how these mini worlds intertwine and dance with one another.

These layers interconnect with one another determining your experience with your physical reality.

Scroll down to see the descriptions of how each of the Aura Harmonizer Mists can work with your own energy field.


This Aura Harmonizer set of 7 Mists includes:

  • Aura Joy-Auric Field Energizer
  • Spiral Energy- Spirals of Comfort and Ease
  • Secrets of the Universe-Releasing Old Beliefs and Patterns
  • Love in a Mist-Enlightening the Heart
  • Infinity-Integrates all Energy Networks
  • Flower of Life-Reconnection for Regeneration
  • Stargate-Remembering Your Magnificence

Aura Joy Aura Harmonizer Mist is infused with 12 notes, 12 colors, 17 gemstones, 5 platonic shapes, 7 ancient chakra symbols and an aromatherapy blend that is likened to the angels singing.  While it balances the 7 chakras it invokes a sense of calm, peace and resoluteness which illuminates into the 7 auric field bands for harmony, spiritual illumination and unlimited potential.  Aura Joy provides a resonant field that is used to harmonize the auric field of the body as well as energy in a room or building.  This Sound Essence blend is a welcomed blessing for any mishap, set back, misadventure or negative energy.  The lotus is a type of water lily which rises from the sludge f muddy waters and opens into a beautiful flower.  The lotus flower symbol reminds us that our mistakes and challenges in life often fuel us towards brilliance and awaken us to a beautiful new life. Misting Aura Joy harmonizes the auric field of the body as well as energy in a room or building.

Spiral Energy Aura Harmony Mist works with the geometric patterns of nature to facilitate peace, ease and emits an energy of love and wholesomeness.  The spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices, reflects a universal pattern of growth and evolution.  This can be witnessed right from the molecules of our DNA, to the spiraling growth of vines and shells, to the galaxy we spiral in. When exposed to spiral energy, our body inherently recognizes its own nature and readily resonates with it. The chord DFA# releases old thoughts and patterns and embraces new perceptions towards expansion of awareness for spiritual growth which often releases tension and discomfort from the physical body..  The symbol of Cho Ku Rei powerfully yet gently raises the vibratory state of the energy field, offering comfort and ease as you spray above you or walk through the mist.

Secrets of the Universe Vibrational Medicine Spray is representative of the number seven which symbolizes releasing, letting go of the limiting beliefs that have been  passed on to us, readying us for the union of mysticism and science.  It clears the path to enlightenment by simultaneously opening us to our divine and human natures.  This vibrational medicine promotes the total integration between heart and spirit producing complete alignment of the physical body with the perfect self.  It is infused with the penultimate chord CEGB#, played just before the grand finish of a composition…that moment that makes you want to initiate celebration.  Each of the 7 chosen stones resonate to the number seven and heart energy and represents the seven structures of the universe into which all of nature’s jewels belong; seven steps complete a whole. This remedy clears you of your old ways of doing things and supports you in creating a sustainable way of being with a sense of knowing who you are and why you are here, and connecting with others in a flourishing, beneficially healthy relationship.  The mandala intertwines 7’s and 9’s with the healing vibration of the sanjeevani healing prayers for complete wellness. Experience the energy shift as you spray above you or walk through the mist.

Love in a Mist was completed on Valentine’s Day 203 in celebration of love, including self-love. By embracing your feminine (creative and inspiration) energy with your masculine (direction and purpose) energy, you are one with yourself.  The male and female energies belong together, they dance together, they are two aspects of oneself and together they manifest the joys of love.  Love in a mist Sound Essence Natural Aura harmonizer simultaneously balances all the meridians and the chakras as it is centered with the Note F of the heart chakra.  This tone generates the awareness that the most powerful energy you have is love.  When you are in your heart, you love who you are and live in the present.

Infinity Aura Harmonizer Mist weaves our divine nature with our human experience for positive growth.  Infinity enhances the figure eight energy systems found in the physical body on a cellular level (DNA) and in the energy body, in the meridians, chakras and auric field.  It promotes communication between the energy fields and facilitates the ability to be centered in all dimensions. The chord EFflat FA promotes this boundless interface; try playing the notes of this chord, they never finish…going on to infinity.  Not only does this remedy help relieve stress and discomfort in the body but it helps with integrating all the energy systems into communication with one another.  When the figure eight energy in your body is running appropriately the meridians and organs have access to the information of the chakras, auric field band and the whole energetic matrix; it’s like the perfect operating system. Experience the joy of “going with the flow”. The Infinity symbol represents the figure eight pattern, the loops define the area needing the healing, and the intersection point is the gateway for healing energies to interject.

Flower of Life is for those aspiring to reconnect to the planetary grid for divine purpose,  guidance and manifestation.  It connects your energetic matrix to both the earth’s lei lines and to the planetary grid for the purpose of remembering who you are, why you came here and to discover your life purpose. The more grounded and connected you become to the earth, the higher you rise in consciousness.  The infused Soul Song assists in the global shift of higher consciousness to the fifth dimension where time and space become null.  All the vibrations implemented in the Flower of Life mister relate to the number 5, representing quintessence, the introduction of life itself supporting you in the birth of new awareness. The Flower of Life symbol is the sacred blueprint of all creation and conceals 13 secret informational systems unveiling the truths and structures of our existence such as light, music, periodic table, five platonic shapes, Kabal, Acashic records and the Merkaba.  This subtle energy remedy offers the opportunity to redesign your matrix.

Stargate Aura Harmonizer Mist. The energy of love fills my life.  Stargate is created in honor of the number six, the optimally functional hexagon, which represent harmony, balance, synthesis and unconditional love.  The hexagon is the symbol for the heart chakra, the meeting of the three higher (spiritual) chakras with the three lower (physical) chakras in the heart center (emotional) substantiating our three dimensional existence.  These interlacing triangles of the hexagon symbolize the opposing forces in nature: the centrifugal and centripetal and when combined these opposing forces create the Tube Torus believed to be responsible for the creation of the universe.  Hidden in the hexagonal containment and is used as a vehicle for inter-dimensional travel. The Merkaba is in the center of every cell, the Akashic Records from which all life springs.  Stargate is designed to remind the cells of their original healthy blueprint and to free themselves of any mutant programming which was once responsible for sickness and disease.  This mister is infused with the not G# for awakening your spiritual consciousness and supporting you on your life’s journey. If offers you the trust to take a chance to go after your heart’s desire.  it will take you away!!

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