Golden Ratio BioTonic Pendant

///Golden Ratio BioTonic Pendant

Golden Ratio BioTonic Pendant


Golden Ratio Pendant

This high-tech Golden Ratio Oscilllating Wave Transforming Harmonizer {GROWTH} is a fully functioning log periodic frequency independent fractal antenna. The resonators are gold plated copper.

This GROWTH antenna is powered by ambient natural energies such as cosmic rays, orgone and Earth’s electromagnetic fields. It is always active, emitting natural harmonic frequencies while shielding from negative energies.

It is patterned on fundamental Sacred Geometric proportions found in living nature. The Golden Ratio is also known as the Divine Proportion and relates to natural harmonies such as those present in the structure of all living beings.

Tests indicate tht this design emits a life-positive energy similar to orgone and pyramid power that appears to enhance plant growth.  You can even use the image on this page for experiments.

  • BioHarmonic Technology
  • Sacred Geometric Design
  • Log Periodic Fractal Antenna
  • Cosmic Ray Powered
  • Multiple-Wave Oscillator
  • Gold Plated Resonators
  • Radiates Positive Vibrations
  • Blocks Negative Energy
  • Amplifies Psionic Power
  • Optically Alluring Jewelry
  • Never Wears Out!

Product Description

Golden Ratio Biotonic Pendant

The Golden Ratio pattern expresses the fundamental form of nature, the proportions of life itself. This design was produced as an antenna pattern for the legendary Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) of French inventor Georges Lakhovsky. The Golden Ratio mathematics is based on the natural harmony of the human body.

The concentric rings of a MWO antenna produce a wide spectrum of frequencies that in theory resonate with the DNA in the nucleus of every cell in your body. It was claimed that just as a tuning fork will ring when an identical fork is struck close by, so the cells will resonate to their own individual frequency drawn from the oscillatory ocean of the antenna. These electro-therapeutic devices were designed to produce an optimum state of health & were suppressed after encouraging clinical trials in the 1930s & 40s in France & America.

During recent investigative research it was discovered that the Golden Ratio pattern itself resonates with life, producing a beneficial energy. This energy acts similar to and may well be identical to pyramid energy, only focused in a different fashion through the circular rings! Anecdotal claims for the pattern range from producing healthier, larger plants, to making red wine breathe better and faster, thus enhancing the taste.

1 3/8″ in diameter

Warning: Our products may alter dimensional fields around the body.

“The Golden Ratio BioTonic Pendant about a year ago and really love it. What i’ve learned is that the combination of gold plated on top of copper alone has a wonderful energizing and healing effect. I’ve learned this thru lots of the researching of energy med. ive done over the years and the BioTonic Pendant is a prime example. The 2 energy signatures of gold and copper combine to create a broad spectrum, energetic effect. I’ve learned this thru numerous devices i’ve made and bought. So w/ the Golden Ratio BioTonic Pendant this is also true and then by embedding the scared geometric Golden Ratio coil design into the organic black resin creates an effect similar to orgone accumulators which combines organic and inorganic (always metal) materials together. The pendant has wonderful soothing energy that is very noticeable when i hold it in left hand and i am very satisfied. I noticed that the only change in the design of your pendant is making the copper visible in the middle instead of all gold. I like the black resin it’s made w/ which seams to be a very strong energy conducive material. So i completely understand how and why this pendant works so well at receiving, amplifying and emitting the cosmic energy it receives from surrounding atmosphere. I came up w/ 3 reasons it is energetic to the body: 1) The sacred geometric Golden Ratio antenna design which works by itself, 2) The unique combination of gold plated on top of copper creates a broad spectrum form of energy and, 3) the inorganic metal embedded w/in the organic resin creates an Orgone Accumulator!

Stephen D.

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