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Kyanite Tower with stand


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This Kyanite Tower is excellent for attunement and meditation.  It is tranquilizing and a powerful transmitter and amlifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and the intuition With its ability to tune into the causal level, this stone can help spiritual energy to manifest in thought.
Kyanite will not hold negative energy so it does not require clearing. Kyanite quickly aligns and balances the chakras and subtle bodies.  As Kyanite moves energy throughout the physical body it helps to clear any blockages.  As the kyanite calms the mind one can go into a deep and restful state.
Blue Kyanite strengthens the voice and heals  go into a deep and restful statethe throat and the larynx. Useful for performers and public speakers.

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Kyanite Tower

This kyanite tower is 11″ tall with stand, approx 3″ wide.  It will be a perfect focal point in meditation or as a beautiful specimen in a space where peace and calmness is preferred.  Lovely conversation piece as those around begin to feel more balanced and open to sharing.  This kyanite will be a wonderful tool in groups where communication needs to be clear, consice and honest.

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