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  • fire generator

    EMF Protection

    One of the most powerful Generators for restructuring nonbeneficially created frequencies. Including all known or unknown frequencies from HARP, Radionics, Satellite, Electromagnetic, Geomagnetic, etc.
  • copper silver labradorite

    Copper Wings

    The copper wings of Pitango's Labradorite in Silver will keep you in the Light. Have a wonderful flight. A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through changeimparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raisesconsciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities. Size 7 1/2
  • spirals panorama
  • Five Elements

    The Five Elements wall hangings are designed to flow together in harmony when placed in a grouping as shown, each plaque is itself a compelling work of art. They are made of cold cast bronze. Water, Air, fire and Earth were identified by ancient peopes all over the world as the essential building blocks of physical existence.

    Water - Healing. Peace. Love. Joy

    Water is depicted here in a lively female form emerging from the primordial sea, toasting the moon with her goblet. She leaps joyfully in the waves of emotion beneath the creasent moon, a chalice of healing elixir clasped in her upraised hand.  She flows gracefully from one current of feeling to another, at peace with her inner life.

    Air - Change. Wisdom. Movement. Song.

    Air is imagined as a winged male form, at one with the currents of the wind, cutting through the clouds like the sound of his pan pipes will cut through silence.

    Fire - Creation. Challenge. Cleansing. Passion

    Fire is pictured as a youthful male form rising from flames, empowered by the sun to transform and energize with his both of lightening. Fire dances passionately in the heat of the flame and the noon day sun. Grasping the lightening spark of creative inspiration, he is ready to overcome the cleansing challenge of loss that accompanies dramatic change.

    Earth - Contentment. Nurturing. Family. Abundance.

    Earth is potrayed in a pregnant female form, part of the rolling landscape, providing shelter and bringing forth vegetation. Earth luxuriates in the fulfillment of abundance, growth, and fertility.  Content, she basks in the glow of moonlight, her loving family of human, animal, and plant life nestled in her nurturing embrace.

    Spirit - All Life emerges from the Center

    As in many traditions there is a fifth element: the Divine Origin, an intangible that defies depiction. Here it is central to the others; symbolized by a simple egg-shape, like th most ancient Hindu representation of the formless aspect of God, it spins forth, the four tangible elements we know so well.  Spirit emerges from the swirling vortex of four elements; a seed, a Shiva lingam, an omphalos (ancient Greek sacred stone), a world, a galaxy, a soul, the divine.  Life, death, rebirth, all life, all creation, all time are symbolized here. (descriptions by Ann Zeleny)
  • griffin

    Windstone Female Griffin - Beige

    The Griffin is a powerful and majestic creature that combines the king of beasts and the king of bird; the lion and the eagle. It is a symbol of divine power and a guardian of treasures. In Medieval Europe, the Griffin's claw was sought after for medicinal purpoes, and its lifelong fidelity provides an ideal for loyalty in marriage. The Griffin embodies the qualities of courage and leadership, and a harmonious blend of physical strength and intellectual prowess. You may enjoy the variety of this colorful male griffin also.
  • The Earth Laughs in Flowers. Laugh affirmation banner, beautiful and silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit polyester

    Laugh Affirmation Banner

    This Laugh affirmation banner is beautiful and silky-soft, printed in full vivid color on sheer, flowing knit polyester.  It looks like silk and are durable and long-lasting. Wooden pole at bottom and top with a string for easy hanging indoors or outdoors.  It comes in 6"x24" "The Earth Laughs in Flowers" Emerson
  • Horse  Large Leather Journal  / Refillable /  6 x 9 inches  "Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." -- Isaac Asimov Horses are associated with inner strength and an ability to overcome what is keeping you from moving forward.  It asks that you allow yourself the freedom to express what's on your mind. This hand crafted journal is Smythe Sewn with recycled, heavy bond, acid free paper. A lined template sheet is included to help you write in straight lines. The simple and durable bootlace thong wraps around a matching Britannia Metal button to hold your journal closed.
  • Agate

  • This beautiful Raku Mermaid Dreamcatcher is sure to liven any living or work space for any mermaid lover! The mermaid symbolizes the ability to connect with our sacred self, & our sacred callings, gifts, & blessings
    The large tile measures approximately 5 inches square, the small one approximately 2.5 inches square.  Each has a wooden rod added for easy hanging, attached with copper and adorned with gemstones.
  • Serpentine, Peridot, Lapis & Copper Gemstone Necklace


    Serpentine, Peridot, Lapis & Copper Necklace, Approximately 18 inches long with copper S hook closure.

    Some of the metaphysical properties of these stones include: Love, Warmth, Friendship, Openness, Clarity, Intuition, Mystical Knowledge & Universal Wisdom, Inner Truth, Intellect, Communication, Enlightenment, Dreams, Serenity, Relax, Heal, Regenerate, Release, Protection, Money, Cheer, Happiness & Contentment
  • Olives

    Our Curved Panel Night Lights are very popular.  The porcelain panel is gently curved, which allows it to wrap around the bulb so the bulb is not as visible from the side as with flat night lights.  The curvature also illuminates the panel more evenly across its width.  Mounted on a durable night light socket with on-off rocker switch, our night lights are known for lasting many years.  Energy efficient, (they use only 7 watts of power) they safely and effectively light up a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or hallway at night.  The soothing warm light they emit creates a peaceful and ethereal ambiance that is truly magical!  With this gauge collection to choose from, you are sure to find many that you and your loved ones will cherish.  The non-porous porcelain is easily cleanable, and will never fade or discolor.  The 120V 7W c-7 type bulb is included, and they are nicely boxed with the history of the art of lithophanes included.
  • Tabla Drums techniques are complex, involving extensive use of fingers and palms in various configurations creating a wide variety of sounds and rhythms

    Tabla Drums

    Diameters approx 4" & 5" and they are 7" tall. The tabla is a South Asian membranophone percussion instrument consisting of a pair of small drums. It has been a particularly important instrument in Hindustani Classical Music since the 18th century, and remains in use in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The name tabla likely comes from tabl, the Persian and Arabic word for drum. However, the ultimate origin of the musical instrument is contested by scholars, some tracing it to West Asia, others tracing it to the evolution of indigenous musical instruments of the Indian subcontinent. The tabla consists of two single headed, barrel shaped small drums of slightly different size and shapes: daya also called dahina meaning right, and baya also called bahina meaning left. The daya tabla is played by the musician's right hand (dominant hand), and the baya tabla is a bit bigger and deep kettledrum shaped. Each is made of hollowed out wood. the daya drum laced with hoops, thongs and wooden dowels on its sides. The dowels and hoops are used to tighten the tension of the membrane. The daya is tuned to the ground note of the raga called Sa (tonicin Western music). The baya construction and tuning is about a fifth to an octave below that of the daya drum. The musician uses his hand's heel pressure to change the pitch and tone color of each drum during a performance.
    File:Tabla drums demo.webm
      Thank you Wikipedia for this info!

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