Flower of Life Egyptian Granite w/ Citrine & Pyramid Quantum Pendant

///Flower of Life Egyptian Granite w/ Citrine & Pyramid Quantum Pendant
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Flower of Life Egyptian Granite w/ Citrine & Pyramid Quantum Pendant


Available on backorder

Egyptian Granite Quantum Pendant

Allow approx 6 wks lead time for this Egyptian Granite Quantum Pendant.

This lovely Flower of Life Quantum Pendant features Egyptian Granite and Citrine.  Also, in addition to the basic proprietory programs from David Sereda (Sound of the Sun from NASA, Tachyon energy, sacred harmonic codes and geometrics and Tree of Life programs) this pendant also incorporates the Pyramid frequencies.  Also, remember, that the more metal and stones on the pendant, the stronger the frequencies are.  The pendant is put into the generators after it is complete, so the metal gets charged as well as the stones.

Granite Properties

Egyptian Granite is believed to lend strength to your physical health, assist in bringing abundance and success to your life and offer protection.

Granite has been known to help keep emotions calm and help people feel happier and experience more balanced relationships in all areas of life.  If you want to be able to see the big picture in life more clearly instead of getting bogged down in trivial details this could be the stone for you.  Because the rock enhances the ability to be practical and disperses negativity, it helps overcome skepticism. It also helps to improve people’s cooperation and diplomacy.

Citrine Properties

Citrine works well with these frequencies pf Egyptian Granite since it helps to bring in confidence, creativity and truthfulness. It helps in transforming thoughts and psychic development. Also, this golden light creates a wonderful pathway to prosperity.

You will find many Citrine items on this site, because we love it.

Available on backorder

Product Description

Egyptian Granite w/ Citrine & Pyramid Quantum Pendant

Aswan Egyptian Granite pendants are programmed with the Great Pyramid Frequencies. This is the same Granite used to build the core of the Great Pyramid of Egypt and also used in the tombs of the great kinds and queens of ancient Egypt. Highly polished laser cut from real Aswan Egypt Granite! Wear the true vibrations of the Great Pyramid, Kings and Queens chambers.


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