Maybe, like me, you’re feeling a personal dream move out of the corner of your heart. Maybe it’s already slipped past the sentries of your doubt, popping up in unexpected moments. Or, maybe it’s gone so far as to grab your deep desire, weaving itself into the fabric of your imagination.

If that’s happening to you, let’s take the journey together so we can have company along the way. Let’s be energy buddies, and I’ll share what I’m noticing as I move forward.

Though our dream beckons us like rainbows and ice cream cones, we don’t joyfully skip toward it. Each step takes courage. The courage to show up, seek help, listen to allies, change our life, allow new possibilities, express the talents we’ve been hiding, and share the secret places deep inside. The path to our dream is paved with courage. It’s about being afraid and choosing to do it anyway.

As I travel in the direction of my dream, I’m reminding myself that we can’t build our dreams with wanting, wishing, and positive affirmations. Quantum energy has shown us we build our dreams by ‘being’ what we want to create. Knowing that, we can consciously remodel our days, a little bit at a time… or hugely if we’re ready for that. We can do something out of the ordinary, something that we believe will be part of our new reality when we are living our dream. Every time we take this step, we are sending energy forward to create our future.

We infuse our dream with happiness if we make it a journey about personal spirit. And truly, it’s not really about a job change, different life-style, new location, or different relationship. The core of our dream comes from the ember that is our authentic, most amazing, beautiful self. Each of us has something precious and important to share. That is the itch we feel when our dream won’t be ignored. So whatever others might call this shift in our lives, we want to remember that it is an adventure with our spirit.

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Jeanne McElvaney Energy Healer and Author

Image: Geralt